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10-Inch "We Want You Back" Boomerang
SKU D31013
Minimum Order
8 Case(s)

Cases Total Pieces Price per Piece Total
8 96 $0.23 $22.08
42 504 $0.20 $100.80
84 1008 $0.15 $151.20
168 2016 $0.14 $282.24

Here is the first page of a sales letter that can be used with this item.  

“We Really Want You Back!”

Dear [first name],

Our records indicate it’s been too long since we’ve heard from you at American Retail Supply (formerly Thompson Merchandising & Supply). So, we’re giving you the  FREE $20.00 American Retail Supply Gift Certificate on the other side (It even Doubles to $40.00 with your purchase of $200 or more, and Quadruples to $80 with your purchase of $500 or more)!

Here are 3 Reasons Why Our Competition Hates Us But You’re Going to Love Us…

1) Get Everything You Need To Run Your Store With One Phone Call:  You’ll save time and money when you make one call to get all of your bags and other packaging, fixtures, display, price marking, antishoplifting, even your gift cards, POS System, promotional products, credit card processing and yes even your AUTOPILOT customer loyalty program.

2) You Get Make-You-Happy Client Service: We’re so serious about giving you Make-You-Happy Client service that we own worldwide!  It actually is very simple.  Everyone here knows Only Happy Clients Come Back...and our job is to be sure you are happy - every time!

3) You Get Your Order On Time - Every Time:
Within minutes of placing your order it will be pulled and ready for shipment.  If you place your order on stock product before 2 PM, it will ship that day, and if you place it later and tell us you need it right away, we’ll do our best to get it out that day.  And when you order something that is non-stock or custom printed, you’ll get it when you’re told you will - EVERY TIME!



Sample Headline:

"We Want You Back"

"Come Back for all the Right Reasons"

"We Want You Back For Your Next Oil Change"

"We Want You Back For Your Next Chiropratic Exam"

"We Want You Back For Your Next Teeth Cleaning"

"We Want You Back For Your Next Romantic Dinner"

"We Want You Back For Your Next Diamond Purchase"

"We Want You Back For Your Next Vacation"

"We Want You Back For Your Next Bank Deposit"
Customers love to be entertained and they love to know they're missed. Use this as part of your lost client campaign (Use this boomerang, the compass and the plastic bugs) and watch your sales soar!
Lost clients are those clients who made a purchase from you at some point, but have not bought again over a defined period of time.  This period of time of course varies by industry.  If you’re a car salesman, it may be 2-3 years.  A real estate agent, it may be 5-10 years.  If you own a restaurant, it may be 30-60 days!
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