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My Favorite Radio Station
By Travis Lee
Tuesday, December 14, 2010

We’ve been discussing the elements of crafting an irresistible offer for your clients.  So far we’ve discussed what an irresistible offer is and how they must match your prospects or clients interests in terms of Geographic’s, demographics and psycho-graphics. 

To review, see my last blog entry here.  Today we’ll start on the first of 8 tips for crafting your offer.

The biggest factor in crafting an offer is to set your radio dial to your clients favorite station, W.I.I.F.M. or “What’s In It For Me?”  It’s vitally important to remember that your clients are NOT interested in what you are selling. However, they ARE interested in the results of what you’re selling and what it does for them at a personal and emotional level.

You must ask yourself, are you selling the camera?

Match your offer

Or are you selling the memory?

Match your offers in direct mail marketing

(Yes, that’s really Venice.  A picture my wife took from a gondola in the Grand Canal in July, 2007.  It doesn’t even look real, does it!?!)

The easiest way to turn what you’re selling into what your clients want is to take your features and turn them into benefits.  So if I’m selling my camera, I’m not selling the fact there’s 23 different settings for day, night, low-light, objects in motion, a car setting, train setting etc.

I’m selling that when you finally get to take that dream vacation to one of the world’s most beautiful cities, you can rest assured that you’re pictures will be so stunningly beautiful, that every time you look at them you’ll be transported back right to where that photo was taken, every time you look at it.

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Remember creating your own 3D Mail letter isn’t Leprechaun Magic!  In keeping with the holiday theme and current even from last month (rememberthe Olympic Gold Medals?) and the Collier principle we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.

Winter Olympic Themed Direct Mail

If you read my e-mail tips, you know I LOVE using current events in my marketing. There’s a big one coming up in February, the Winter Olympics.  What better way to break through all the noise and clutter than by sending your clients, prospects or patients their very own gold medal!

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