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3D Mail Works - Explode Your ROI
Here's what three marketing masters have to say...


"The use of object-mail, grabbers and freemiums plays a role in almost every direct-mail campaign I develop for my private clients as well as for my own use, and Travis Lee at 3D Mail Results is my go-to guy for these items and for fresh ideas.  I have brought in Travis, Keith and their team in on projects, referred clients to him, and turned to him time and again for the right items at the right price.  You’d be foolish not to use 3D Mail Results as your preferred resource as I do."
Dan S. Kennedy
Direct-response Copywriter& Marketing Strategist
Dan Kennedy on 3D Mail

Rory Fatt on 3D Mail
“I doubled the response I was getting to my best control package using 3D Mail. Based on my results I have endorsed 3D Mail to my members. I would recommend using 3D Mail to anyone looking to increase their sales and more importantly, their profits.”   
Bill Glazer on 3D Mail - February, 2008

Just as a reminder, mail that is bulky has a much higher open rate than mail that is flat. Source: Dan Kennedy’s NO B.S. Marketing Letter, Feb. 2008.



I wish I had thought of this 3D Mail piece, or at least take credit for the 3,322%.  ROI, but I can’t.  This new piece comes to us from longtime client and avid 3 Mail user Tim Mitchum of Wexford & James in Iowa. 


Remember creating your own 3D Mail letter isn’t Leprechaun Magic!  In keeping with the holiday theme and current even from last month (rememberthe Olympic Gold Medals?) and the Collier principle we’re celebrating St. Patrick’s Day.


If you read my e-mail tips, you know I LOVE using current events in my marketing. There’s a big one coming up in February, the Winter Olympics.  What better way to break through all the noise and clutter than by sending your clients, prospects or patients their very own gold medal!


I know you likely weren’t a math major, and I certainly wasn’t (though I did get an ‘A’ in Calculus at Washington State University), but stay with me on this one as we start a discussion on sequential marketing.


Have you heard about this?  I know how everybody "talks the talk" about how they can show regular people can make money out of thin air, but I don't think anyone with the clout of Dan Kennedy and GKIC has ever done it!  Here's the scoop.


Jimmy Nicholas of shares his "secret sauce" in direct mail marketing and shows you how he successfully uses direct mail in his business.


Jay Rice of Rice Camera Technology share his success with the Round TUIT direct mail piece.  Jay's in a very competitive business-to-business setting, selling to large companies and government agencies, and a lot of his success is working with 3D Mail Results.


Dan Cricks of Results Marketing in Cleveland, OH share a recent success story using the X-Ray Direct mail piece that he used with the help of 3D Mail Results.


Walter Bergeron tells how he used a 3-step 3D Mail sequence to successfully reactivate lost clients in his B2B industrial sales business.  He credits 3D Mail Results with the success of the direct mail campaign.


Susan Berkley, the most respected name in voice coaching, talks about how she successfully uses 3D Mail to fill up seminars, attract coaching clients and build her consulting business to one of the largest of it's kind in the country.


How To Explode Your Income With 3D Mail in Your Business.

Bill Glazer says "Most people quit shopping with you because they forget about you" Be unforgettable with Promotional Products